Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 9

Today was another good day for Landry.  His feedings were up'd to 3cc's an hour.  Altogether, he is getting 87ccs a day if you count the bottle feedings, which is almost 3ozs a day.  A typical newborn eats 3 ozs  every two hours so this amount is still so tiny.  He had a new nurse today and for several reasons, I did not feel comfortable with her talking care of him.  After my morning visit, I called the NICU to ask that Landry not have her be his nurse in the future.  After I discussed my issues, the director told me that she was not a regular NICU nurse and that he would not have her again.  She was also going to speak with her and check in on Landry throughout the day.  I am glad that he won't have her anymore.  The other nurses have been so wonderful.  We were able to speak with the other neonatologist who works in the NICU during our afternoon visit.  She will be on for the next ten days.  We liked her a lot.  She said that the surgeon had mentioned that she wanted to do the next surgery in three weeks.  This is a week later than we had hoped for but it is essential that his intestines have returned to their respective sizes for the surgery to be successful.  Hopefully he will be given a much greater amount of food by this point so he isn't so hungry all the time.

Grandma Jane and Grandpa Scott

Zero tummy time but he can already hold his head up!  Told ya he was strong!

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