Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 8

There isn't much new information to share today.  I went in to visit Landry in the morning with my mom.  He had gotten his stitches removed and was giving some extra strong sugar water for the procedure which put him right to sleep since he was so relaxed.  He slept through most of our first visit but both my mom and I held him.  Tyler and I came back in the afternoon.  He was swinging in his swing when we got there.  Tyler was able to snuggle him up for a while.  We had a talk with the nurse before we left about where we are headed in the next few weeks.  She said that the neonatologist wanted to try to put what is coming out into the colostomy back in through the other opening that leads through the rest of his intestines, into his colon, and out.  At first this might sound strange to essentially be putting his "poop" back into his body but this is the path it would normally take if he all his intestines were connected.  In doing this, they can see that the lower half of the intestines are doing what they should and it also gives his body a chance to absorb the additional nutrients and water.  It will be a good test run for when he is all put back together.  The nurse also talked with us about being prepared for backslides along the way as well as dealing with the second surgery.  It will be difficult to see him right back where he was after the first surgery.  The good thing is, once he recovers, he will be good to go.  The nurse also talked with us in more detail about why he needed the blood transfusions after the first surgery.  I feel like the doctors and nurses do an excellent job of only telling you the information you need to know in the moment and give you the other information when you are more able to cope with it.

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