Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 5

I can't believe we are only on Day 5 of this journey.  Sure feels like much longer.  I am also glad that it is only day 5 and he has made so much progress.  I was able to see him twice today which was great but it is also hard to have to split my time between Cade and Landry.  It will be great when we can all hang out together.  I briefly spoke with the doctor this morning who called Landry a "rockstar."  She said it is a possibility that we could take Landry home in between surgeries but it all depends on how his body tolerates the feedings and how much nutrition he is able to absorb.  It is a slow wait and see process.  He was still on 1cc an hour though his feeding tube but he is now getting 5cc's 3x a day from the bottle.  This is a tiny, tiny amount that I'm sure leaves him craving more but it is a step closer to getting to nurse. The doctor would like to try having me nurse him (after I pump) just so he can start getting used to the process.  The nurses are confident that he will be a great nurser as he has been vigorously sucking away at his paci.  When I held him this morning he slept the entire time.  When Tyler and I went back in the afternoon he was wide awake.  His big eyes remind me of Cade's but that dark hair sure doesn't!  Tyler was able to give him his bottle.  It was great!

 Morning time visit with the sleepy boy.

 Afternoon visit....wide awake!

 Hi Daddy!

 I think he looks a lot like Cade in this picture.

 First bottle feeding for Daddy.

Precious, precious boy!

Cade is still full of energy and smiles at home.  His favorite "hat" is this colander.  He is a great treat to come home to!


  1. Landry sure looks strong! Glad to see that Cade is doing well, too. :-)

  2. Erin, he is absolutely beautiful.....:) I know a family that have two boys also named Landry and Cade.....Prayers to you and your family my friend.....Kim Holsten