Thursday, August 25, 2011

The good life =)

Today was finally my first day of seeing what it is like with both boys all day and Tyler at work. I can't complain about how it started - they both slept past nine. I think the hardest thing about having a baby is having to function throughout the day on very little sleep. If you get sleep - everything is soooo much easier! So, today was a good day. They both took long naps but at opposite times which gave me time to spend with each of them one on one which Cade definitely appreciated. Cade enjoyed picking all the strawberries from our garden - only his all went into his mouth and not the bowl. Landry has been a champ all day - eating well, sleeping well - all that baby stuff. I forgot how much newborns sleep! Ok - off to bed for me. I will try and post some more pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today was a great day =) Landry even had a great night. It is a weird thing to bring your baby home when they aren't a newborn anymore. He already has had a chance to figure out days and nights. He still woke up about every three hours and would eat and then go right back to sleep. It wasn't bad at all. Today he ate every two to three hours and took a few long naps in between. I managed to eat and shower too! =) So overall I'd have to say it was a success. Cade has been really sweet with Landry but still needed plenty of attention too. It was really strange to not rush off to the hospital first thing in the morning today. As glad as I am to not be there anymore, I actually miss seeing all the nurses. I will have to bring Landry by for a visit to see the wonderful people who took such excellent care of him.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 47

Nursing was 100% successful today. He latched right on like he'd been doing it since day 1....instead of day 47. Everything seems to be going just as planned - he hasn't throw up, his tummy is soft, he is having lots of poops. Everything is good! One of the doctors today mentioned that the surgeon had said he might be able to come home tomorrow. That would be great of course but if he has to stay until Wednesday that is just fine too. One more day is just that much more reassuring that everything is working.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 46

I had another great day with Landry today. He is so happy and content now - it is a beautiful thing to see! Today he was at two ounces every three hours so tomorrow he can eat however much he wants. I also get to start nursing him again tomorrow. I hope he is still a great nurser and hasn't gotten too used to the bottles these past two weeks. Seeing what a strong boy he is, I'm sure he will have no problem with it! He is also off his IV so he is no longer hooked up to any wires. They left the line in just in case he needs it again (which he won't!). I can't WAIT until Wednesday when we can bring him home!