Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 10

Landry had a great day today.  He barely even needed any sugar water to calm him because he was so content on his own.  The nurse that he had today said that she was a little leery about the group she was assigned to because she had heard so much crying from the three babies the day before but was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to take care of and how happy they were.  I wanted to tell her it was because the previous day's nurse didn't know what the heck she was doing!  I was able to speak with the surgeon who said that she hoped to have the surgery in three weeks from his first one - not four.  She has the final say in when things progress so I was excited to hear that!  She also said that they were not going to re-feed what is coming out into the colostomy bag into the lower part of his intestines because the majority of his intestines are already being used.  She said that the tear occurred near that very end so it is such a small portion that it is not really worth it.  His body is able to absorb most of the nutrients that it would normally if his intestines were connected.  That was interesting to hear - I never thought to ask where the tear occurred other than just knowing it was in the small intestine.  His feedings are up to 4cc's an hour and steadily progressing, even though it is in very small amounts.  I can't wait to get back and see him tomorrow!

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So alert!

I looooove to be snuggled!

Tiny, tiny, kissable toes

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