Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 6

Landry's day today was another success.  I was able to see him twice.  When I went in in the morning I was able to give him his bottle.  It is such a tiny amount that it basically is just a tease but at least it is a start!  He also gets a continual feed through his tube in his nose.  This amount was set to 1cc an hour but has been up'd to 2cc's an hour.  This is still such a small amount so he feels just so hungry all the time.  It won't be for another week at least until he starts to feel like he is getting full.  He is also on tylenol only as needed which is a huge step up from the morphine he was on continually just a few days ago.  The nurse today felt like he wasn't in pain but that his crying and fussing was only because he is so very hungry.  It is so hard to know that he feels like he is starving.  Poor guy.... I can't wait until he can eat until he feels full.  I was able to speak with both the surgeon and the neonatologist this morning.  The surgeon felt that having him come home in between surgeries was not the best idea.  She was against it because it is such a short amount of time and having to deal with the colostomy bag is a lot.  I want him home with us more than anything but keeping him at the hospital is the best option.  It will be a lot less stressful for us as well.  It will be a sweet, sweet day when we can bring him home with a clean bill of health!  When we came back in the afternoon he was in a swing.  It was neat to see him up and doing normal newborn things instead of laying in his bed all day.  I know he needs to be stimulated so this was nice to see.  

Hi Everybody!

My first time giving him a bottle.

 We were able to get some pretty funny pictures of our little man this afternoon!


  1. Landry can't talk, but his actions speak louder than words --- these photos say "hey Mom & Dad look at me, I'm so strong I can already flex my muscles!"
    Cade better watch out for this little one once he gets home! What a cutie pie!!

  2. Thanks for the comment Alisa!!! We were saying the same thing about those pictures!!!