Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well we are still here and probably will be for at least a few more days. Landry is getting better, it is just taking a long time. He is getting less fluid through his IVs and his diarrhea is slowing down. The doctor on call here today told me that now she thinks that Landry doesn't have a bug but rather he is experiencing a reaction similar to kids who have short gut would get. The trigger would be the vaccines that he got on Tuesday and his body just reacted this way. She doesn't think it is a bug because his white blood cell count is still high, he hasn't tested positive for any viruses from stool samples, and we can't pinpoint an exposure to any bugs that we know about. So - if this is the case, my next question for the surgeon is going to be if the swollen part of the intestine is the part that would cause this or if it is just his intestines throughout. If it is the larger section, is the answer surgery to cut it out? Will he not have anymore of these episodes if that is done? If we leave that bit of intestine in, will we keep having these episodes every time his body is exposed to something? I will have to wait until Monday to ask her these questions. I think Tyler is going to stay here tonight. As much as I wish I could stay here to nurse Landry, I think my body is just getting too worn down staying here night after night. A decent night's sleep will be nice, even though I will still need to get up to pump. It goes without saying that I can't wait to get him home again and hopefully once and for all!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hospital - Take Three!!

Well - We are back in the hospital - same room actually. These days are all blurring together and it feels like we never even left. Crraaazzyy how much sitting in the same room all day messes with your mind! The lack of sleep from sleeping here sure doesn't help either! So the ER yesterday - I asked to have the surgeon called to make sure she agreed with any decisions that were being made. The doctor there seemed to be leaning toward the intestinal issues as the cause and not so much a stomach bug. The surgeon came in as soon as she could to take a look at our little pooper. She told us that the vaccines can sometimes trigger this reaction in kids like Landry and said that if it was his intestinal issues causing the problem that she would probably decide to operate and take out that bigger section that was supposed to be shrinking back down because it was still not functioning as it should.....or she thought, it could just be gastroenteritis (stomach bug). She wanted him admitted and put on iv fluids to hydrate him. She said she would come by and see him later that day. When she came by, she told us that she was not putting him on the surgery schedule just yet. Thank God!!!
After a less than restful night here with Landry, she came by to see him bright and early. She decided that since Landry had only thrown up twice since being admitted and was still having plenty (and In mean PLENTY) of diarrhea, that it was just a stomach bug. If more was being thrown up and less was coming out the other end, she would have thought differently. So that was great news. We will still be here for at least a few more days though since Landry's labs came back showing that he was pretty dehydrated. Today seemed to be a turning point for him. I think he is now having diarrhea less often now but his poor bum sure has taken a beating. Another great thing about today was that we got to have one of our very favorite NICU nurses be Landry's nurse today. I wish that could happen every day! These NICU nurses sure know their stuff and just as importantly, love Landry!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm currently laying in an ER bed holding a sick little sleeping boy. He threw up last night when I was giving him some pedialyte. I think it was the different taste that made him throw up though. He did pretty well most of the night. He was still having diarrhea but not vomiting. Then at four he didn't eat as much as he usually does and he threw up his six o'clock feeding. We brought him into the ER and have been here since. His diaper has been sent off for a stool sample an he had some x rays. They had to put him in this plastic tube with his arms sticking out for one x ray. It was horrible. It feels good to be able to hold him now and snuggle him. The surgeon is going to come in in a bit to take a look at him. We are still hoping it is just a stomach bug but what a strange coincidence that would be.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The fun never stops around here!

So Landry definitely has some sort of stomach bug/virus. The doctor said if it gets worse tonight we need to take him to the ER to get admitted for fluids. If not, we are to call her tomorrow, perhaps bring him back in, and if it's still not better go back in the hospital. I am finding it hard to believe that the two situations are unrelated, but hopefully they are. We are doing all we can to keep him hydrated but he is already showing signs of dehydration. Hopefully the diarrhea will stop, and we can get through this without having to go back in the hospital. This sure isn't easy but Landry makes it worth it.

Doctors Appt

Yesterday was Landry's follow up appointment with his doctor. I asked if we could do his 2 month well child check as well and they said that was okay so we got that in too. One less appointment to go to is good for me! The office has a form that you fill out about your child at each well check to make sure they are developing appropriately. The only area that Landry scored lower in was fine motor which was great because the doctor thought he would be lower in more areas. He is low in this area from being hooked up to so many wires and swaddled so much at the hospital that he hasn't had a chance to develop as quickly. He was 52% for weight, 70% for height, and 43% head. He has been wanting to eat a whole bunch at home so I asked the doctor if this was okay/normal. She assumed he was just catching up from not being able to eat and grow as much as his body would normally. It will be interesting to see how much he grows by his next visit! He got his shots too which was not fun. He was miserable last night afterwards so we gave him tylenol which seemed to help his mood but he still held a high fever most of the night and had diarrhea which definitely did not help his diaper rash from hell! It is still hanging in their despite the prescription but slowly going away. We visit with our surgeon again next week to follow up with her. I am beginning to worry less and enjoy more. It is a nice change!!

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*****UPDATE - I called the doctor about Landry's diarrhea because it has gotten much worse. She said it can't be a side effect from the vaccinations because he did not get the rotavirus vaccine due to his intestinal issues. (He might have it later, she wants to double check that it is okay). So she wants to see him today to check this out. We are going as soon as Grandma Lu gets here to watch Cade. I'll update when we are home.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The crazy life =)

Well - things are still going great for Landry. It sure is an adjustment having two little ones who want all of your attention all the time. I know it will get easier though as we all settle into a new routine. Cade has decided that he still loves Landry except when he wants my full attention and can't have it. Then he gets a little evil grin on his face and takes a swipe at his head. Not fun! Hopefully that phase will be short lived. Landry had an interesting day yesterday. All he wanted to do was nurse/pacify himself. If he wasn't attached to me he was crying. Instead of thinking normal baby thoughts like he is just cluster feeding or needed extra soothing my mind goes straight to something much more serious. I am hoping that as time goes on and I continue to see him doing well that this won't happen. I don't think my anxiety can take it! Today he is doing much better though which is great to see. Babies have good days and bad days and I have to remember that one bad day doesn't mean he is in trouble again. His poor butt though...that is a different story. Boy has diaper rash like I've never seen before! We called Peds at the hospital where our doctor was on call this weekend and she was able to call in a prescription. Hopefully this will be the key because nothing else we are trying seems to make much of a difference. Poor guy!