Sunday, September 25, 2011

Test on Tuesday

Landry is scheduled for another barium dye test Tuesday morning. I know it is important for him to have and it will give us valuable information about just how well his intestines are functioning but I am not looking forward to it! For one, he has to fast 3-4 hours before hand. This will be very hard for this chunky monkey because he wants to eat every hour and a half. I am also hoping he doesn't have to go in that tube thing that he had to go in last time. It is a baby torture chamber and we both hated every second of it last time. So, it will be nice when Tuesday morning is over!

Things at home have been just great. Landry is pretty much over his cold and is sleeping great. The past few nights he's slept until three or so and then gets up around 7 or 8. It is very doable. I can't believe just how different he is from Cade - not just in sleep but everything! He is a big boy too - he is already wearing 6 month clothes. Cade has been really sweet with him which is so fun to watch. He loves to tickle his toes and always gives him kisses when he sees him in the morning. Having two really hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Of course, there are moments but they are few and far between and can usually be avoided by some serious multi-tasking and planning ahead. =)