Saturday, September 17, 2011

For the love!

So Landry has had a cold since we got home from the hospital that has gotten progressively worse. I'm almost 100% sure he got it from Cade because Cade has the same thing. Just a runny nose, not anything too major. Landry has been waking up more at night the past few nights and didn't give us any smiles yesterday. By the evening, he had a fever of 101.4 and a goopy eye. Ear infection! So I took him to Urgent Care this morning and got him on antibiotics. Then I called the surgeon who had put him on the probiotics before and asked if we should do that again as well since the antibiotics might kill off the good bacteria in his intestines. She agreed this was a good idea so that is our plan. I tell ya, this kid! So between the PRObiotics and the ANTIbiotics we should be good! I hope these biotics know what they are doing because this plan seems a little oxymoronish to me. Biotics are confusing!

After seeing the striking resemblance to Landry's shirt and himself, we are foregoing the sumo wrestler idea. He will be a monkey and I've already found the costume!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He's a growin' MANIAC!

I can't keep up with this kid! All he wants to do is eat and eat and eat some more. I LITERALLY can't keep up! After he nurses, he wants a bottle and downs that as well. I fully expect him to be 30 pounds by Halloween, which will make for a great sumo wrestler costume. He is close to outgrowing all his 3 month clothes and I've already had to order the next size up in his diapers. It is all coming out the other end so the doctor says not to worry but MAN! This kid can really eat!