Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

9 months already?!

I felt inclined to put up a few pictures of Landry today just to show how much he has grown. He had his 9 month check up today and is only about 2 pounds less than Cade! Little brother will soon be big brother. Everything is going just great. He is still our little laid back, sweet, loving if only he would sleep through the night! =) Actually - I kinda like our little late night snuggles. =)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laaaiiiid back

So the test on Tuesday went just fine. Landry was a trooper about having to fast. We were supposed to get to the hospital at 9:00, which we did, but didn't start the test until 9:40. I figured this would happen so I fed him at 6:45 which ended up being perfect for his 3 hours of fasting. He was great and during the test, he was actually content because his stomach was full of the dye he had to drink. It was pretty interesting to get to see how this test works. He has had it twice before but I wasn't in the room. He lays under a machine that shows a live picture of his stomach and intestines so you can watch the dye go through it in real time - not just x-ray still pictures. The surgeon was in the room as well and she was very pleased with the rate that it moved through the area that was reconnected. The discretion between the larger portion and smaller portion didn't seem to be much different to me than it was a month ago but the surgeon said it actually was a lot better but would still take several months to go back to normal. I was reassured to hear that the dye could travel through the part that was reattached at a great rate. I wonder though if this will still be the case when he starts solids in a few months. I will have to ask about this. I was already planning on holding him off until closer to 6 months to begin solids but it seems like it might be harder for his intestines to pass this thru since it will be thicker. Who knows...I'm not a doctor (although I can pretend!) but it just seems this might be something we need to carefully watch. The doctor wants to see Landry again for a follow up in three months so we can discuss this then perhaps. The doctor also talked to our regular pediatrician about Landry's vaccines. We are going to space them out so that his body doesn't get overwhelmed. We are also going to skip some of the more unnecessary ones or put them off until later.

Landry continues to be the easiest baby ever. It makes for a very happy mama!! It sure makes having two much less difficult than it could be. We sure love our sweet, sweet boy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Test on Tuesday

Landry is scheduled for another barium dye test Tuesday morning. I know it is important for him to have and it will give us valuable information about just how well his intestines are functioning but I am not looking forward to it! For one, he has to fast 3-4 hours before hand. This will be very hard for this chunky monkey because he wants to eat every hour and a half. I am also hoping he doesn't have to go in that tube thing that he had to go in last time. It is a baby torture chamber and we both hated every second of it last time. So, it will be nice when Tuesday morning is over!

Things at home have been just great. Landry is pretty much over his cold and is sleeping great. The past few nights he's slept until three or so and then gets up around 7 or 8. It is very doable. I can't believe just how different he is from Cade - not just in sleep but everything! He is a big boy too - he is already wearing 6 month clothes. Cade has been really sweet with him which is so fun to watch. He loves to tickle his toes and always gives him kisses when he sees him in the morning. Having two really hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Of course, there are moments but they are few and far between and can usually be avoided by some serious multi-tasking and planning ahead. =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

For the love!

So Landry has had a cold since we got home from the hospital that has gotten progressively worse. I'm almost 100% sure he got it from Cade because Cade has the same thing. Just a runny nose, not anything too major. Landry has been waking up more at night the past few nights and didn't give us any smiles yesterday. By the evening, he had a fever of 101.4 and a goopy eye. Ear infection! So I took him to Urgent Care this morning and got him on antibiotics. Then I called the surgeon who had put him on the probiotics before and asked if we should do that again as well since the antibiotics might kill off the good bacteria in his intestines. She agreed this was a good idea so that is our plan. I tell ya, this kid! So between the PRObiotics and the ANTIbiotics we should be good! I hope these biotics know what they are doing because this plan seems a little oxymoronish to me. Biotics are confusing!

After seeing the striking resemblance to Landry's shirt and himself, we are foregoing the sumo wrestler idea. He will be a monkey and I've already found the costume!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He's a growin' MANIAC!

I can't keep up with this kid! All he wants to do is eat and eat and eat some more. I LITERALLY can't keep up! After he nurses, he wants a bottle and downs that as well. I fully expect him to be 30 pounds by Halloween, which will make for a great sumo wrestler costume. He is close to outgrowing all his 3 month clothes and I've already had to order the next size up in his diapers. It is all coming out the other end so the doctor says not to worry but MAN! This kid can really eat!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Goin' strong!

Landry is doing great at home so far. He is just such a good baby, I can't even believe it. He is so happy!! I would be too if I was finally out of the hospital and not being poked and prodded every day! We had a follow up appointment with his surgeon on Wednesday. She is setting up an appointment for us to see the pediatric gastroenterologist next time she comes over from Seattle. It won't be for a few months and if Landry is doing well we won't need to see her at all. Landry is schedule for an upper gi barium dye test again at the end of the month. The surgeon wants to see what his intestines look like when he is doing good. Having both at home hasn't been as hectic as I thought it would be and Cade has been a real trooper adjusting to having to share his mommy and daddy. He brings Landry his blankets and paci's when I am nursing him and even brings me my water bottle! Such a helper...of course, don't think he won't take a swipe at Landry's head when he has had enough either! One day he will be in for a big surprise when Landry pops him back!