Sunday, August 28, 2011

The crazy life =)

Well - things are still going great for Landry. It sure is an adjustment having two little ones who want all of your attention all the time. I know it will get easier though as we all settle into a new routine. Cade has decided that he still loves Landry except when he wants my full attention and can't have it. Then he gets a little evil grin on his face and takes a swipe at his head. Not fun! Hopefully that phase will be short lived. Landry had an interesting day yesterday. All he wanted to do was nurse/pacify himself. If he wasn't attached to me he was crying. Instead of thinking normal baby thoughts like he is just cluster feeding or needed extra soothing my mind goes straight to something much more serious. I am hoping that as time goes on and I continue to see him doing well that this won't happen. I don't think my anxiety can take it! Today he is doing much better though which is great to see. Babies have good days and bad days and I have to remember that one bad day doesn't mean he is in trouble again. His poor butt though...that is a different story. Boy has diaper rash like I've never seen before! We called Peds at the hospital where our doctor was on call this weekend and she was able to call in a prescription. Hopefully this will be the key because nothing else we are trying seems to make much of a difference. Poor guy!


  1. Ebb and flow and try to just stay present. If anyone can understand or relate of good news/bad news roller coasters in a genuine fashion it's me. One day on top of the world and then there is a symptom and all those thoughts come rushing in again. I get it, really I do. Hang in there...I'm following your journey as you are mine. Everyday there is something. Keep Believing. Love to you. Jen

  2. Jen you do get it! It's the smallest things and then you feel back at square one! Luckily today was a good day so I'm back on top of the roller coaster! I hope you had a good day too and Z was behaving like the sweet little boy he is! Nice to have cuddle time with him this morning! What a little sweetie. You are in our thoughts and prayers as I know you know!