Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm currently laying in an ER bed holding a sick little sleeping boy. He threw up last night when I was giving him some pedialyte. I think it was the different taste that made him throw up though. He did pretty well most of the night. He was still having diarrhea but not vomiting. Then at four he didn't eat as much as he usually does and he threw up his six o'clock feeding. We brought him into the ER and have been here since. His diaper has been sent off for a stool sample an he had some x rays. They had to put him in this plastic tube with his arms sticking out for one x ray. It was horrible. It feels good to be able to hold him now and snuggle him. The surgeon is going to come in in a bit to take a look at him. We are still hoping it is just a stomach bug but what a strange coincidence that would be.

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  1. Oh Dear! How heartbreaking and helpless you must feel. I pray for you guys and that little one everyday. Sending lots of light, hugs, positivity, and prayers. Jen