Friday, September 2, 2011

Hospital - Take Three!!

Well - We are back in the hospital - same room actually. These days are all blurring together and it feels like we never even left. Crraaazzyy how much sitting in the same room all day messes with your mind! The lack of sleep from sleeping here sure doesn't help either! So the ER yesterday - I asked to have the surgeon called to make sure she agreed with any decisions that were being made. The doctor there seemed to be leaning toward the intestinal issues as the cause and not so much a stomach bug. The surgeon came in as soon as she could to take a look at our little pooper. She told us that the vaccines can sometimes trigger this reaction in kids like Landry and said that if it was his intestinal issues causing the problem that she would probably decide to operate and take out that bigger section that was supposed to be shrinking back down because it was still not functioning as it should.....or she thought, it could just be gastroenteritis (stomach bug). She wanted him admitted and put on iv fluids to hydrate him. She said she would come by and see him later that day. When she came by, she told us that she was not putting him on the surgery schedule just yet. Thank God!!!
After a less than restful night here with Landry, she came by to see him bright and early. She decided that since Landry had only thrown up twice since being admitted and was still having plenty (and In mean PLENTY) of diarrhea, that it was just a stomach bug. If more was being thrown up and less was coming out the other end, she would have thought differently. So that was great news. We will still be here for at least a few more days though since Landry's labs came back showing that he was pretty dehydrated. Today seemed to be a turning point for him. I think he is now having diarrhea less often now but his poor bum sure has taken a beating. Another great thing about today was that we got to have one of our very favorite NICU nurses be Landry's nurse today. I wish that could happen every day! These NICU nurses sure know their stuff and just as importantly, love Landry!

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  1. Sorry you guys are still in the hospital airbear, I'm glad to hear it sounds like it may not be that serious. I sure hope so and that you guys all get to go back home soon. I love you and think about you everyday!