Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doctors Appt

Yesterday was Landry's follow up appointment with his doctor. I asked if we could do his 2 month well child check as well and they said that was okay so we got that in too. One less appointment to go to is good for me! The office has a form that you fill out about your child at each well check to make sure they are developing appropriately. The only area that Landry scored lower in was fine motor which was great because the doctor thought he would be lower in more areas. He is low in this area from being hooked up to so many wires and swaddled so much at the hospital that he hasn't had a chance to develop as quickly. He was 52% for weight, 70% for height, and 43% head. He has been wanting to eat a whole bunch at home so I asked the doctor if this was okay/normal. She assumed he was just catching up from not being able to eat and grow as much as his body would normally. It will be interesting to see how much he grows by his next visit! He got his shots too which was not fun. He was miserable last night afterwards so we gave him tylenol which seemed to help his mood but he still held a high fever most of the night and had diarrhea which definitely did not help his diaper rash from hell! It is still hanging in their despite the prescription but slowly going away. We visit with our surgeon again next week to follow up with her. I am beginning to worry less and enjoy more. It is a nice change!!

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*****UPDATE - I called the doctor about Landry's diarrhea because it has gotten much worse. She said it can't be a side effect from the vaccinations because he did not get the rotavirus vaccine due to his intestinal issues. (He might have it later, she wants to double check that it is okay). So she wants to see him today to check this out. We are going as soon as Grandma Lu gets here to watch Cade. I'll update when we are home.

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