Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 39

I was able to speak to the surgeon today so a lot of my questions were answered but my mind isn't necessarily put to ease. She says that she plans on increasing feedings by 5cc's every day. This is much slower which is good and if he progresses at this rate he will be up to full feeds in about 3 weeks or so. I am glad we are going so much slower but there still isn't a way to definitely know for sure that Landry isn't getting backed up. The surgeon said the reconnection is in such a spot that you can't really see it no matter what you try - various x-ray positions don't show it very well, a scope wouldn't show it - it is just in a tricky spot. So really the only way to tell is to watch Landry very closing and monitor is output. We are looking to see if his tummy gets hard and painful to the touch, or his disposition changes. We were fooled last time because when he would be cranky for a long stretch of time, we could say that it was just because he was hungry and not necessarily hurting. We are just going to have to watch him very, very, carefully. I know the surgeon is watching him closely too. She came in this morning just to see him on her day off. I am glad she has such a close watch on him.

I spent most of the day today at the hospital with him. It is really nice to be able to hang out with him for such long periods. I can really see a difference in his development lately. He isn't such a newborn anymore. He is cooing, reaching and grabbing toys, picking up his head...all great things. I am so happy that he is doing so well and growing so strong but it also makes me sad because it makes me step back and realize that holy crap we've been doing this a LOOOONG time. He is changing and growing before my eyes, all in the hospital. I can't wait to get him home and get him healthy this time. I don't mean to sound ungrateful in the least though. The number one important thing is that he is doing well, no matter where he is. We really are lucky that he is where he is at and his condition wasn't worse. There is a lot to be thankful for. Besides his increasingly better health, I am also so thankful for all the people who have helped make these past several weeks easier to deal with. My neighbors, co-workers, nurses, and most importantly my family have all been so great to us. I don't know how we could have gotten this far without all the help!

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