Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 38

Today Landry's feedings were up'd to 10cc's every three hours. We are concerned that he will get backed up again just like before and look forward to hopefully talking with the surgeon tomorrow to see why she thinks this time it will be different. The treatment seems to be the same as the first. We want to know how she will know the same thing isn't happening again. How will they monitor that all the food is passing through and not getting blocked? I know they are going to do x-rays but they do not show with 100% accuracy what is happening. I am also leery about him getting exposed to so much radiation. It will be good to talk with the surgeon because I know she has a plan and a method to all of this - I just need to get a better understanding to put my worries at ease. I have complete faith in her.

I brought Landry a few things from home so he has more to do at the hospital. So far we put him on his tummy time mat. He loved looking up at all the toys hanging down. He was even able to reach and grab them. I am hopeful that if we treat him just as he was at home that he will reach his milestones on time.

We slipped off the the fair for a bit today with Cade. It was a nice diversion. He loved the petting zoo!


  1. I love love LOVE the pictures of the brothers together. So sweet! Looking forward to what the surgeon has to say tomorrow!