Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 35

Another day but not much new information to report. We are really just waiting....waiting, waiting, and waiting. The nurse tonight was pretty sure we are going to end up having to do another surgery but we are hoping and praying that this resting period (no food - gut can rest) will allow the partial obstruction to heal itself. We are hoping for the point where the reanastomosis occurred ( where the two sections of the intestine were joined back together) becomes closer in size to each other and food passes through more easily. It is a slim chance that this will happen but there is still a chance. More than likely, we will have to go back in and fix this partial obstruction once it is a more optimal time to have another surgery. In the meantime, we are resting his gut, keeping him content, and loving him up.

On another note, my mom, aka Saint Grandma, has to go back to California on Saturday. She has been the glue that is holding this whole operation together for me so of course I am very sad to see her go but we will just have to figure out a new plan of attack. (Don’t feel guilty Mom! Everything will work out!) I can now bring Cade with me to see Landry but still can’t really hold Landry with all of his tubes, with Cade in the room. I know many people have offered to help out with Cade and I think I will take you up on your offer! I am hoping, wondering, asking, if anyone would be willing to come into the hospital and take Cade to the playroom down the hall from Landry’s room, or a walk in his stroller, while I spend some time snuggling up Landry. We have a lot of support with Tyler’s family, especially his mom, but one less person to help manage this operation will definitely be different. Between Tyler’s days off and the days his mom watches Cade, most days shouldn’t be a problem. I am just looking for a little help on the days when we are in a bind so that I can be sure to hold Landry everyday. =) Everyone has been so supportive and helpful and I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Below are some pictures from the day we had Landry at home. They are a little bittersweet to look at but glad to have them!

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  1. I love the family picture with Cade picking his nose. He is definitely your child!! I'm sorry that you are back in the hospital dealing with all this again. I hope that L can get out of there sooner then later. Wish I was there to help too! Love you guys!!