Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 33

Well, today turned out to be not such a great day after all. Landry has been unable to keep down his feeding so we took him to the doctor this morning. She decided he needed to be admitted back in the hospital. He had to go to picu instead of nicu since he had already gone home. He is currently having the upper gi barium dye test to look for an obstruction of the small intestine. If there is one, he will need another surgery. This is what we had feared.


  1. I'll keep him in my heart and in my prayers. I really believe we can work through all this hard stuff together. I'm a believer that wonderful things are to come for both of us. It can't be easy to watch your little one struggle. Thinking of you and sending you strength. Hope he has a good night tonight. Come on little Landry, if you can here me I'm fighting right along with ya... Love you guys, Jen Christie

  2. Thanks for the message Jen - I can't wait until this is over for the both of us. It will be a great day! We are rooting for you too. I'm glad you are keeping everyone informed on your blog as well. We check it daily! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you too!