Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 25

Another day down and another day closer to bringing our little man home.  Landry hasn't needed anymore morphine since 5:00pm last night so hopefully he has turned the corner on needing it.  He pulled out the tube that goes down to suction out his stomach in the middle of the night so they had to put it down again which is never fun for him.  By morning it started suctioning out a lot of bile which isn't surprising but also a little disappointing because it means that they probably won't be able to start feedings tomorrow.  From what I understood, it basically means his intestines aren't really waking up just yet enough to move the bile through.  He has been gassy today though which means the process might be starting soon.  He even threw up twice today because the suction tube got so clogged, poor guy.

Tyler went in this afternoon and I stayed home to play in the sprinklers with Cade.  Tyler said the bile coming up from his stomach had pretty much stopped and he even had his first real poop!  I never knew I could get so excited over poop!  I haven't talked to the nurse about this yet but I am wondering if this means there might be a hope of starting feeds tomorrow.  Poop!  Yeah Landry!  =)

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