Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 31

Today was another day of rooming in with Landry.  It went just perfect.  =)  He was completely wireless - he got the broviac taken out that morning and wasn't on any monitors.  It was soooo great to be able to walk around the room with him....such a simple thing but it was so nice!  He nursed great, latching on right away every time and lasted about 10 minutes each time.  He lost weight again the night before so I am hoping that with his increased nursing time, he will gain.   The nurse hinted that he might, and its a huge MIGHT, be able to come home tomorrow if he shows a gain.  They are more concerned with the preemies being able to show weight gain but Landry doesn't really fall into an area of concern in this category since he was full term and never had weight issues.  He is a big boy, already 10 pounds!!  So, fingers crossed that he will come home Sunday or Monday.  It seems silly that he is still in the NICU now - he needs no care from the nurses other than basic care that we can provide, and have provided the past two days.

I'm so excited for Cade to get to meet Landry.  Landry's pictures are in his room and every time Cade is in there, he points to them until we give him the pictures so he can kiss them.  Hopefully that is a sign of things to come!!!  Although I'm sure there will be plenty of big brother torture as well!!

No wires!!!

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