Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 28

I spent most of the day at the hospital today with Landry.  He can now get 72ccs every three hours and breastfeed until he is full.  It sounds great but he threw up after the two times I fed him.  He was showing signs of dehydration from not getting enough fluids so the nurse was going to call the doctor to talk about up'ing his fluids in the broviac.  This is a bit discouraging because we were hoping to get the broviac out soon.  I don't know if this will also push back the date that he comes home.  I know that it takes time for babies to become good at nursing but Landry is up against also learning what it is like to be full, have gas, burps, poops, etc.  I hope he gets the hang out of it soon and becomes a great breastfeeder.  I guess we just have to keep at it.  I really hope that tomorrow he doesn't throw up at all.  Poor little guy....  This roller coaster has been quite a ride and I'm getting more and more ready to get off.

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