Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 29

Today was much more encouraging on the eating front.  Last night I told the nurse to call me to let me know how is 11:00pm feeding went and she didn't have good news to report.  He threw up the feeding which made for three in a row that he was unable to keep down.  She called the doctor who ordered an x-ray that came back clear.  The doctor decided that he was just getting too much - more than he wanted.  His tummy isn't used to being full so to be full all of a sudden wasn't working.  She decided it was best to let him eat when HE wanted to and not be on a schedule.  I planned on asking the nurse today if we could go this route anyway today so I was happy to see they thought it was best too.  Yesterday, when we were nursing him on a schedule, he would do great at first but then not want to eat anymore after a short while.  The nurse kept wanting to feed him more and keep trying even though he was getting upset.  This is when he threw up - when he was upset.  Today we were able to take him down to an empty room and be alone with him.  I nursed him when he wanted and let him stop when he wanted.  He would only nurse for about five minutes each time and then wanted to eat again after only 45 minutes but he was sooooo happy.  This was much different than the day before when he was only eating every three hours and eating a much greater volume.  We were very happy to have such a nice relaxing day with him.  We are probably looking at Monday for him coming home - Sunday if everything goes just perfect - but I'm planning on Monday.  The nurse told me today that it is time to spend entire days at the hospital so he can nurse as much as possible.  It is really hard to be away from Cade all day but at the same time it is so nice to spend all day with Landry.  It will be great when I don't have to split my time between the boys anymore.

Cade loves getting to spend time with
the Grandmas!!  What would we do without them?!

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