Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 15

Happy two week birthday to Landry today!!  It feels more like two months, or even two years - so much has happened in his little life.  Landry had another good day today.  I was able to nurse him twice and he did a great job again.  I am certain that I enjoy it as much as he does.

Cade has been so cute when we show him pictures of Landry - he smiles so big and kisses the screen.  I think they will be best buds.  =)

My little snuggle bug


  1. Happy birthday to my strong little man! During the past two weeks we have grown so close and I love you so very much. I look forward to many more days of singing "Eidelweiss" to you. Love, Grandma Jane

  2. It worked!! So I love the first family picture. Cade is so excited!!! Good talking to you today, I miss you and think about you guys everyday.

  3. Hey I'm glad you got it to work! How did you do it??? I miss you tons too and I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and V's wedding!