Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 13

Several good things to report today!  Landry is now off the feeding tube (the tube in his nose) and on straight bottle feeds.  He gets 15ccs (1/2 oz) every three hours and hopefully this will continue to increase steadily because it is still so tiny!  His "food" that goes in to his broviac IV in his leg is slowly being decreased as the bottle feedings increase.  He had a test done today where they put a dye into the fistula (the hole in his intestine that leads his colon) to see how the swelling was going down.  The dye also helps in clearing out that bottom half of his intestine that he hasn't had a chance to use yet.  It all went just great and the next surgery is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, July 28th.  This is exactly three weeks from his first surgery which was the earliest we were told he could have the procedure done.  We are glad he is making such quick, steady progress!!!  If all continues to go well, it looks like we will be able to have our little guy home with us sometime in August.  The nurse was keeping the feeding tube in his nose still in place in case he needed to have it reconnected but while we were there, Landry got a hold of the tape and it ended up needing to be removed.  We didn't get any pictures of him without it in but we will tomorrow.  It is so nice to see his beautiful face tube free.  We can't wait until he is completely wireless!!


  1. Hi Erin and Ty,
    Landry is looking so strong and healthy. I am reading the posts everyday and look forward to seeing him soon. When is a good time to try and visit? Sally

  2. We are there every afternoon - just let us know what day you want to come!