Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 12

Today Landry was moved into a bassinet and put in a onesie.  He looked great!  When I went to visit him, another baby was brought in who was just born and not breathing.  They put him right next to Landry - it was pretty scary and I just wanted to get out of there but Landry's nurse moved us to the opposite corner where we were out of the way.  Yikes!!!

The neonatologist talked with me today.  She told me that the day before, the nurse had accidentally given him too much sugar in his food for one hour.  They tested his blood several times afterwards and surprisingly he showed a lower level of sugar than usual, not higher.  She said this was not what she expected since he had so much extra sugar.  Luckily she wasn't overly concerned and just guessed that his insulin had just kicked into overdrive...  I guess.   Sometimes all this medical stuff can be pretty confusing.  I'm definitely learning a lot of things I never thought I'd need to know!!!

Check me out, I'm wearing clothes!

Check out my new crib!

This guy keeps things entertaining at home -
he won't eat breakfast without his hat on!

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