Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 14

Lots of good things to report today!  His feedings were up'd again and he is tolerating them well - so well in fact that they allowed me to nurse him!  I had to pump first so he didn't get very much at all but he latched right on like he'd done it a million times.  We were concerned that he would have trouble with nursing since he has only been bottle fed but he went to town!  It was great and he felt soooooo good afterwards.  He just laid there and stared off into!!  So now I can nurse him twice a day which is going to be so nice.  I can't wait until he can actually eat until he is full!  He really just keeps on amazing us!!

Tyler and I gave him a bath which he really enjoyed too.  After he was done he laid under the warming light with his arms up above his head and conked out.

Cade was able to see his brother for the first time today too.  Cade isn't allowed in the NICU but we brought Landry to the nursery window where we could see him.  I thought Cade wouldn't even really notice Landry but I was sure wrong.  He kept smiling and pointing at him.  It will be so fun we they can meet without being separated by a window!

Grandma Jane!

I'm #1!

There's my little brother!

Hi Baby Landry!!!  I'm your brother!

First family picture

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  1. awee so cute!! I love reading Landry's blog every morning when I get up - always starts my day off with a smile....and today, seeing the first family pic is just awesome!! Landry looks a lot like Tyler in the pics from yesterday. Hope you are doing well! I will call you over the next couple of days to check in! Miss u!xoxo