Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 18

There were a few adjustments to Landry's feedings today.  The original neonatologist has been on vacation for the past ten days so a part time doctor who also works part time in Chicago was filling in.   Apparently, the original doctor had different opinions about what was the best plan for Landry's feedings and changed what had been happening.  I am no longer nursing him, he is back on the feeding tube, and he is only getting two bottles a day now.  The feedings have been up'd to 42cc's every three hours or 14cc's every hour in the feeding tube.   She is also mixing the breast milk with a certain type of formula that is essentially already digested by the time he eats it so all his body has to do is absorb it.  The reasons for the changes are because she didn't like how with breast feeding she didn't know exactly how much he was getting.  They not only measure the input but also the output so if they didn't know the exact number of cc's that were going in - the number that was coming out was basically worthless.  She is also mixing the breast milk with the special formula because breast milk is not homogenized so it sticks to the feeding tube.  She said she wanted to get him in the best possible shape for Thursday and she felt this was the way to do it.  She also said that she didn't necessarily disagree with what the other doctor was doing, she just had a different opinion about what was best.  I agree with her that this makes more sense, even though I am sad to not be able to breast feed him again for a while.  She is still hopeful that Landry will be able to come home in about ten days after the surgery.  I hope she is right.

Landry's "brand" case they forget who he is!

I have to have the feeding tube again?!  NOOOOOO!

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