Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 3

I am so happy to be able to report that Landry had an amazing night and even better day today. He was able to get off the ventilator, have the IV removed, and catheter out! He even pooped!! This is big, big news because it is a sign that things are working inside. He poops into his colostomy bag which comes out of his incision on his tummy. This will be removed after his second surgery. He is currently getting fed through IV so he is a hungry, hungry boy even though he is getting all the nutrients his body needs. Tomorrow he will start to be fed my breast milk through a feeding tube. This is a big step and quite involved. His intestines will now be absorbing the milk up until the colostomy bag. It will probably be a lot of trial and error to see how much he is able to tolerate. The nurse and doctor were so thrilled with his progress. The doctor even said she couldn't think of enough things to take him off this morning. It's great! But the very best part of it was that we were able to hold him!!! We loved every second of it and can't wait to get back in there tomorrow!

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  1. Very cool blog, Erin! It's so great to see pics of you & Ty with Landry, and it's even better to hear that he's doing so well.

    Continued love & prayers your way,
    Kimberly Matthias